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portrait of a (dis)functional family

 archive(photo by richard legaspi)

…portrait of a (dis)functional family…some of us anyway. So we live together, eat together, work together, everything together in this weird art bubble that is the art residency, all day everyday. Everything is accelerated as there is a life span of 4 months for this (dis)functional family and for sure you will experience every kind of emotion known to mankind…sometimes in the same day…It’s my 10th year collaborating with Cittadellarte, and 10 years since i first came here to participate as an artist in the UNIDEE residency and now five years that i have worked as artist on staff, living with different groups of artists seeing/ living the same situations and every year also very different ones…too bad i cant write everything down here, i do have some good stories…

vampires of poverty

Last weekend a screening and performance was organised and performed at Cittadellarte by Resò artist Luisa Ungar and UNIDEE resident Carolina Rito.

They screened the extraordinary Colombian (mock or not) documentary Agarrando Pueblo (english title: The Vampires of Poverty) by Carlos Mayolo and Luis Ospina which investigates the themes of “vampire” like film crews that descend into poor areas in order to film the misery…misery porn in other words…anyway the film was made in 1977 but feels extremely current especially in the light of the social media documentation we all have at our disposal that constantly throws up moral dilemas over what one should or should not document…this film is really worth a view so watch it if you have the time, it lasts about half an hour…here it is:

Agarrando Pueblo from Big Sur® on Vimeo.

leone contini and the cucuzza…


Leone Contini is an Italian artist working on projects relating with food, migration, family history and everyday life. He presented to us at UNIDEE (organised by one of this year’s residents Carolina Rito) whilst cooking a recipe handed down to him via his grandmother and then mother using the cucuzza (a pendulous kind of squash) which is a an iconic and ubiquitous vegetable synonymous with Sicily and also in Asian cuisine.


In a sneakily simple and smart way, he cooked and told stories about his life and relationship to food through hereditary and changing geographical situations…damn…i kind of think i do that too…but he said it better than me. He spoke about his art practise using small everyday encounters as interventions, such as living among the Chinese community in Tuscany, exchanging knowledge with them regarding food, similarities, differences…(see here). Did i already mention i think i do that too…damn…Also and incidentally i should shut up and stop moaning about the lack of interesting artists currently working in in Italy as they are actually there,  it’s me that i doesn’t know about them…

P1200161Incidentally and For Your Information… regarding the cucuzza in other cultures:

Richard Legaspi (another UNIDEE resident, from the Philippines) told us about a Christmas party game amongst the older generation in which men swing the pendulous vegetable (there called upo,) between their legs whilst trying to break the egg held between the legs of their female counterpart…(aubergines can also be used) what can this possibly mean???… Also children in the Philippines are encouraged to eat the vegetable as it will make them grow up nice and polite… I like my job.

goethe and t-shirts…

Lorenzo is an intern at the artists residency where i am currently working as artist on staff (am running the official blog here). He is still at school, is not afraid of scary groups of artists, can hold his own philosophically in a conversation, can quote Goethe, speaks good english, listens to the Smiths and knows who Ziggy Stardust is… a few more like him and maybe Italy has a fighting chance…anyway here is his t-shirt collection…


palaces of culture…

2 kinds of “palaces of culture”:

P1070401 (1)

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

nuns (1) the Ciudad de Cultura (city of culture)…nuns a bonus!