the archive of forgotten ideas…

I made a small contribution to a publication that is now published in limited numbers, the project was conceived and developed by Cecilia Guida, read about it below:

3. the archive of forgotten ideas

Sometimes we have ideas that we like but for rational, emotional or practical reasons we think they won’t work out or we aren’t able to develop them at that moment. Consequently we keep them apart, “hide” them somewhere in a peripheral and little attended side of the memory. We use some of them while, through the passage of time, we forget others.

Cecilia Guida asked artists, intellectuals, writers, scientists, economists, etc. to remember an (apparently) forgotten idea and transferred the intuitions and incomplete ideas told to her, into this book.

The ideas are presented in chronological order – relative to the day when they were remembered – and a classifying principle. The archive is both the support and the place that marks the passage of ideas from private to public, from the sphere of the secret to the non-secret. Thus, alongside each idea the e-mail contact of its author is specified, so that every time the archive is shown or exhibited, exchanges of opinions can happen and new collaborations to turn un-used ideas into real projects can be created.

Cecilia Guida (ed. by):
“the archive of forgotten ideas.”
including contributions by 42 authors
42 pages, 14.8×21 cm
b/w digital, colour cover
English/Italian with some Spanish

First edition, August 2013:
140 copies, unnumbered.

available (5€ + shipping) at ///

Texts by Armona Pistoletto, Diego Del Pozo Barriuso, Natalia Gil Medina, Francesco Bernabei, Cesare Pietroiusti, Anne Calas, Alain Lafuente, Davide Borrelli, Emilia Telese, Giancarlo Norese, Mikolaj Lozinski, Jakub Wrzesniewski, Asiya Wadud, Annunziata Sgura, Giuseppe Semeraro, Bona Park, Jacopo Miliani, Steve Piccolo, Margarita Vasquez Ponte, Charlotte Cole, Wu Ming 1, David Behar Perahia, Marcela Ceballos Gonzalez, Saioa Olmo Alonso, Julia Staniszewska, Daria Filardo, Dark0, Diego Bonetto, Beatrice Catanzaro, Viviana Gravano, Anteo Radovan, Roberta Mosca, Antonio Rafele, Stefano Cristante, Kruder&Pardeller, Ermanno Cristini, Andrea Lanza, Anna Franceschini, Silvia Bottiroli, Cesare Viel, Luca Scarabelli, Alberto Abruzzese.

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