rolling the ball…

Ok, so i like this work, Ayed Arafah is interested in the concept of playing and how we tend to lose this capacity as we become older…he rolls a sphere made from plastic waste bins around Biella, encouraging people to join in and play with it…


So Biella is a tough crowd, it’s not always so easy to engage and involve on the the street but this work, works. People constantly ask what it is, why, they join in and push, they even get out of their cars to push…and mostly they smile. It’s a simple thing but not so easy to do and for a little while creates a common language that has nothing to do with speaking English, Italian or Arabic…


…a family plays with the ball for ages…and here is where this kind of intervention is nice, you actually start to talk to people, rather than just existing in the same space with them…

P1070698“guarding” the sphere while the artist buys chips…photo by ayed arafah

P1210601sphere and pigeons

…meanwhile Ilaria swaps cotton candy for aluminium…but that’s another post i think:


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