some of the mushrooms may be radioactive…

I love a bit of foraging me, but have always avoided mushroom hunting as it seems to be really the territory for someone who REALLY knows what they are doing…i mean potential liver failure and/or death just for eating the wrong kind of wild mushrooms…well it’s really not worth it…and the Xerocomus, badius – below were labelled radioactive!

wild mushrooms from Biella

wild mushrooms from Biella

So i was kite flying amongst the clouds in the local Bielmonte mountains (this will be another post) and i found this marvellous display in front of one of the eateries up there…all from the Biella area. Click on the thumbnails below for a better look:

Anyway for now my lack of expertise does not stop me from enjoying looking at them and one day i hope to go wild mushroom hunting with an expert…until then i will merely enjoy the view.

2 responses to “some of the mushrooms may be radioactive…

  1. frankieandgiuseppe

    I’ve always wanted to go foraging too. I’ve heard that in the South of France you can take your finds to a pharmacy where they’ll tell you if they’re edible or not. In the meantime I’ll stick to markets I think!

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