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2013 venice biennale #2…

Complex and psychedelic found object scrapbooks by Shinro Ohtake who uses his journeys, dreams and diaries to examine the inner surface of his layered perceptions, some of them contain up to 700 pages…:


These are anonymous tantric paintings would you believe, Hindu devotees of tantra have been making them in India since at least the 17th century…they are used to aid spiritual contemplation:

click on image for larger view

Imran Qureshi’s take on the Mughal tradition of miniatures:

P1220128 P1220129

venice biennale 2013

The Biennale this year went by the name of The Encyclopedic Palace curated by Massimiliano Gioni. It investigates the desire to see and know everything: it is a show about obsessions and about the transformative power of the imagination.

The ‘Encyclopedic Palace’ (‘il palazzo enciclopedico’) serves as the conceptual heart and organizing theme of this year’s art biennale. The title comes from a patent filed by self-taught italian-american artist Marino Auriti in 1955 for his ‘Palazzo Enciclopedico’, a proposed museum that would house all human knowledge and innovation.

Hmmm, well it’s a deeply conservative offering this year which is interesting considering the curator is one of the youngest curators ever for the Venice Biennale…and (changing the subject) the ticket price has gone up…25 Euros now!!! but as ever if you are in Italy, you should go and see it…First up, something old, but granted, very beautiful, The Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung:

…and more historical drawings regarding the unconscious mind this time by Emma Kunz…beautiful again…and yes i understand the idea of displaying these old works, bringing them to light for a new audience…but like i said this is a very VERY conservative biennial…

in the louvre…

Am rubbish at self promotion regarding my own art generally, as proof of this, i just realised i never posted about this:

Believe it or not i had a film shown in the Louvre earlier this year. My short film Muggu_21 was exhibited at the Musee du Louvre, Paris, within the exhibition “Michelangelo Pistoletto, année un – le paradis sur terre” as part of the Twenty One: the Day the World Didn’t End projection.
See if you can spot me in Michelangelo’s catalogue for his retrospective there…i have to make do with the photos as i cant afford the catalogue!!


recent artwork…

Made a piece of work for the opening of our UNIDEE residence its called, Self Referential Bag, made to be worn during the event by Jeanne van Heeswijk who acted as a kind of live performer for the opening:


The concept was taken from my notebook kept throughout the residency, here is my original “drawing”:

flying a kite in a big blue sky…

OK the sky wasn’t so blue…i just took that line from a song…anyway, here are some images of a Kite flying workshop i attended on the top of the panoramica Zegna in Bielmonte near Biella. It was surprisingly beautiful and magical day, made more poetic by the fact that we were inside the clouds with the Kites often disappearing out of sight…

P1230158 P1230160 P1230161 P1230245 P1230261 P1230270 P1230280 P1230286