venice biennale 2013

The Biennale this year went by the name of The Encyclopedic Palace curated by Massimiliano Gioni. It investigates the desire to see and know everything: it is a show about obsessions and about the transformative power of the imagination.

The ‘Encyclopedic Palace’ (‘il palazzo enciclopedico’) serves as the conceptual heart and organizing theme of this year’s art biennale. The title comes from a patent filed by self-taught italian-american artist Marino Auriti in 1955 for his ‘Palazzo Enciclopedico’, a proposed museum that would house all human knowledge and innovation.

Hmmm, well it’s a deeply conservative offering this year which is interesting considering the curator is one of the youngest curators ever for the Venice Biennale…and (changing the subject) the ticket price has gone up…25 Euros now!!! but as ever if you are in Italy, you should go and see it…First up, something old, but granted, very beautiful, The Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung:

…and more historical drawings regarding the unconscious mind this time by Emma Kunz…beautiful again…and yes i understand the idea of displaying these old works, bringing them to light for a new audience…but like i said this is a very VERY conservative biennial…

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