2013 venice biennale #7…

Lin Xue makes these sometimes vast and always incredibly intricate landscapes with sharpened bamboo, which doesn’t retain ink so each mark must be made quickly and precisely.

Just liked this old school work as it reminded me of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s series Mirror multiplications:

“Maxwell’s Demon” by Stefan Bertalan

Yüksel Arslan’s incredible series of re imaginings of religious stories, philosophical treatises and biological classification systems…beautiful…


3 responses to “2013 venice biennale #7…

  1. The use of bamboo really makes for a dynamic overall piece, my favourite pavilion was Ireland. By chance did you get around to seeing it?

    • hello,
      those drawings really have to be seen to be believed, the time and the detail that went in there…and no i don’t remember the Irish pavilion, was it off site? was also sorry to have missed the scottish pavilion also off site.
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Unfortunantly I didn’t make it into the main pavilion where the bigger countries housed their artwork, but it was nice to able to walk around and pop into the various other pavilions off site. Yes it was offsite, just means we have to go back!

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