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2013 venice biennale #8…

There are lots of these 16mm films by Joao Maria Gusmao and Pedro Paiva, they stick in your head and don’t go away, they are lovely and all accompanied by the reassuring whirr of actual film projection:

I made a little stop motion of this vast video installation “MIllet Mounds” by Kan Xuan:

This work is by Danh Vo, he has imported a colonialist era catholic church from Vietnam and installed it in the Arsenale:

…and i just put this in as i though it was a novel and fun way to watch video work:

2013 venice biennale #7…

Lin Xue makes these sometimes vast and always incredibly intricate landscapes with sharpened bamboo, which doesn’t retain ink so each mark must be made quickly and precisely.

Just liked this old school work as it reminded me of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s series Mirror multiplications:

“Maxwell’s Demon” by Stefan Bertalan

Yüksel Arslan’s incredible series of re imaginings of religious stories, philosophical treatises and biological classification systems…beautiful…


2013 venice biennale #6…

Sometimes it’s all about the display…really liked the heightened archival sensibilities of the tall glass shelves you walk under and look up – and exaggerated cabinets full of ephemera…in the Czech Pavilion…


A simple but effective aesthetic for a complex theme from the Hungarian Pavilion, “Fired but Unexploded”, video installation by Zsolt Asztalos musing on the new narratives formed by unexploded device:

“An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale” takes the entire history of the Venice Biennale and re-enacts it, the performers in the Romanian pavilion are recreating their version of a world’s exposition, one hundred years of history in a day, every day.

2013 venice biennale #5…

I hate nationalism and banging on about your own country so it is with some reluctance that i must admit that in a lacklustre biennale i really did love the Jeremy Deller show “English Magic” in the Great Britain Pavilion…focusing on British society – its people, icons, myths, folklore and its cultural and political history…anyway it gets a post to itself:

“A Good Day for Cyclists” …a giant bird of prey which is seen clutching a crumpled Range Rover in its claws. The target being the privileged protection enjoyed by whoever shot down a pair of rare hen harriers over the Sandringham estate in 2007. Only Prince Harry and his friend were known to be shooting at the time…


Relating to this there was the possibility in the show to stamp your own version of this…it became a lord-of-the-rings type challenge for me to keep the damn thing from getting creased and tattered before i could get it home to relative safety…! managed it though…

watching “English Magic”

“St Helier on Fire” (following a riot against Jersey’s status as a tax haven)

Neolithic arrowheads – a recurring motif throughout the show alongside hand axes, all found in the sludge of the Thames River.

“We Sit Starving Amidst Our Gold” shows the socialist designer William Morris lifting Roman Abramovich’s yacht and dunking it into the Venice sea to a watery death…i love this!

intermission for food…


So i was in Venice for the Biennale, but let’s not forget about the food and more specifically to Venice, the cicchetti (Venice’s version of tapas)…Cantina Do Spade, really good stuffed squid and fried fish in general, recommended to me by a friend who lives here…it’s good:


My absolute favourite cicchetti in Venice from Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi:



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