the advantages of hanging around doctors…


The advantages of hanging around doctors here in India are many other than the obvious handy medical advice…. for example I go to Vijayawada with a visiting pediatrician to see her presentation at a high-school/ hostal and on the way we have to buy some medical supplies which takes me to this FANTASTIC place i would never have otherwise gone to, Vijaya Scientific Equipments:


..houses seem to decay really fast here, don’t know if it’s the materials or the climate or that they are badly built…anyway this kind of Indian/Gothic beauty “Ram Mahal” was built in 1928, guess it was someone’s fancy town house at one point…now it’s a medical supply store…

P1250876P1250879A cabinet full of preserved specimens and they are for sale…am gutted i…want to buy them for my cabinet of curiosities…but no way to get these home in one piece…

P1250867P1250884that’s a baby shark in the middle by the way…

2 responses to “the advantages of hanging around doctors…

  1. Amazing!!! I am reading this on train from malpensa to milan 🙂

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