deeksha, muggu and dosas…

Morning walks are always enlightening, trying to find new routes, little angles i have not yet explored. The earlier i go the better, these were all taken around 6.30/7.00am…

A group of Ayyappa Deekshas getting close to the end of their period of abstinence, coming back from Temple:


…and early morning is the best time to catch the muggu drawings freshly done, in this house a mother and daughter were both busy making their muggus. The father called me over seeing my camera and asked me to photograph them, the daughter did not want to be photographed…just her work…and as she was less experienced than her mum, she was still working from a notebook of patterns. Most households have these books and during festive periods the newspapers also produce patterns to be copied…

P1280346 P1280350 P1280351

…and taking a shortcut towards Gannavaram in another small village near ours they are, in impromptu Indian style, selling breakfasts of dosas and idlis (delicious crepes and fluffy steamed “cakes” both served with coconut chutney -my fave- or a sicy broth known as sambar) and savory spicy donuts…it’s all good…

P1280356 P1280358


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