wild garlic in currie…

…it all started off with a walk up the Pentland Hills, then down to Currie and along the Water of Leith into Edinburgh.

P1080481Edinburgh from the the Pentlands

So walking along the Water of Leith we came across the unmistakable and pungent (in a good way) smell of wild garlic…

P1080502we try to pick only from the steepest banks in the hope that it is less likely to be tainted by…i don’t know… dog pee…??

i love this season, i usually go down to the Hermitage to forage for few flowered leeks (similar to wild garlic but a little less pungent). Anyway we came across MASSES of the stuff easily spotted by the clumps of ribbony, silky leaves (almost like lilies) and of course the aroma. We picked around a kilo between  two of us (worth a fortune in shops at the moment)

I rush home to process it all as an hour or so after picking, the leaves to wilt, clocking up 20km of walking.

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