Has anyone every been to the Museum of Immigration on Ellis Island? I have been twice and bawled my eyes out both times…and I find old immigration documentation incredibly moving, all those stories about new lives, desperation, hope. I mention this because recently found some old immigration papers of a relative (my great great grandfather, i think) who went from Galicia in Spain to Argentina in 1915 in search of work and a better life.

P1280551  P1280554right thumb print

P1280574“Certificate of Mr Jose Gomez whose photograph, right thumb print and signature is seen on the back and holds the following identity: Son of Juan and Andrea Vilarmir, born: 28 Dec 1869 in the town of Mesia, province of Coruña, nation Spain, civil state: married, profession: day labourer,  read and write: yes, skin colour white, hair: brown, beard: moustache”

P1280567It’s interesting to note that he was only 46 when that photo was taken…which gives you an idea of the toughness of life at that time…

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