so vinyl’s gone all popular again…

It’s been all over the news lately…about the resurgence of vinyl sales world wide and for those of us who never sold our vinyl collections, it never stopped being loved and appreciated. I won’t bore you with the merits of obviously the greatest medium for recorded music ever (worth it for the art work alone), instead i will revel in some gratuitous shots of some of my collection…

IMG_0057IMG_0058 IMG_0056

And speaking of vinyl; a million years ago, one of the bands i played in, Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes was playing some gigs in London and i have a vivid memory of being in the Rough Trade shop in Ladbroke Grove, on the hunt for some records. Anyway while i was leafing through one section, someone next to me fished out a 7 inch single from beside me of Splashing Along (the first single by the aforementioned band), he looked at it for a bit and then bought it. To say i was excited beyond belief to see this purchase in action would be an understatement…of course this excitement was contained inwardly with no visible signs to the outside world (i was probably wearing sunglasses…yes it was indoors and yes it was probably raining outside and yes i know!!!) ANYWAY…i bring this up because yesterday i was passing an Oxfam shop in Edinburgh and stopped to look at the vinyl in the window and low and behold one of our albums, A Cabinet of Curiosities was in the window on sale for the knock down price of £9.99…kind of gave me a little thrill it did…

20141005_174036 20141005_173939 20141005_174018


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