bad dancer…

well…after 6 years of assiduously avoiding any sort of group/bolliwood style dancing it seems finally my luck ran out. It’s more difficult than you’d think avoiding this dancing lark round these parts. Everyone loves to dance or to at least watch other people dance. On any given holiday there are always performances and dances (usually by the kids). My photography prowess has always been my best defence…”I’d love to but i can’t join in, i have to photograph and document…sorry!” Well this year on Children’s Day the teachers were having none of it. On this particular occasion, they usually dance for the kids…and yes my friends i also had to do so…with 6 other teachers, in full sari regalia, and i found out about it the night before the event…

So my first time in a sari and my first public dance performance since ballet class when i was 5 years old…Lets just say i gave it a go…but am not giving up the day job…those who know me well can ask me and maybe i will show them the dodgy film evidence of my Indian dancing début…next year I AM DEFINITELY BUSY TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!



2 responses to “bad dancer…

  1. You look fab and the colour is perfect.

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