if you dont leave the house…

If you don’t leave the house, things don’t happen…

I take a walk on Sunday evening…out of the orphanage and towards the nearest village, down the road i bump into Mounika, an ex student, now in college who lives near the orphanage. While chatting to her i photograph these to Bhavani Deekshas who are training an ox to pull a cart:


I walk down to the river and this slithers past me and into the water…


10 minutes later 3 guys passing by on bicycles stop and ask me something in Telegu. I know a little of the language but i cant understand what they are saying.


…then this young man appears and he speaks a little English and between us i realise they are the Deekshas i photographed earlier, they want to see the picture i took of them on the cart. I promise to give them a copy before i leave…


Turns out the guy who helps me is the brother of Jancy, whom i know as she attends the school where i teach…

Janci knows i come to this spot regularly to photograph the troop of monkeys who come to the water at twilight.


Janci’s mum tells me to come into their garden, she puts down some rice and monkeys appear from everywhere…

IMG_1148 IMG_1155

Its like i said, if you don’t leave the house, things don’t happen…


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