dosa takeaway…

If you are still bemoaning the fact that fish and chips no longer come wrapped in newspaper, come to India…


Now i know this does not look too pretty but trust me, its utterly delicious and the best takeaway breakfast…


It consists of the classic south Indian dosa pancake (made from a slightly sour batter) with a little chopped raw onion in the middle.  Also in the middle you will find a little plastic parcel with some fiery hot chilli sauce and some groundnut (peanut to us) chutney which is also good and spicy.


It’s all wrapped up to take away first in a banana leaf and then in newspaper wrapped up with a little thread to hold it together and all for the princely sum of 20 rupees…like i said, it aint pretty but it’s HEAVEN!!!


Another version…


…again i know it looks a little prison foodish but really, its delicious; dosa with coconut chutney and dal from Vijayawada bus station…i thoroughly recommend…

2 responses to “dosa takeaway…

  1. I would love to be there with you ❤

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