u and me one day…

i got the kids to make small books again this year and i got some stunning results back. Anusha is absolutely the star, a lot of kids copy each other or copy little designs they see in text books etc, but all this comes out of Anousha’s imagination. Here are a couple of her brilliant efforts. More book posts to come as like i said, there were so many good results…IMG_1293i love this, its Anusha’s vision of her and me, one day!…and she got all my details here…the hairstyle, the flower in my hair, the red lipstick, the leggings the bag…

IMG_0817 IMG_0818  IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1292I have always tried to encourage an Indian aesthetic when it comes to Christmas, but to no avail…the kids here are really in love with this western Christmas ideal…so i just let them get on with it, it makes them happy…



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