catch that pigeon…


Damn that pigeon!, every evening when i am teaching photoshop in the computer labs, i see the Palapittas (Andhra Pradesh state bird) flying into the neighbouring field. The Palapitta (the telegu name for it), also known as the Indian Roller and even the Milk Pigeon, looks like a regular enough bird when static, a nice turquoise/brown affair, but when it flies, it’s AMAZING…vivid blue/turquoise wings, a flash of brilliant colour…

IMG_4509 IMG_4505 IMG_4665

Needless to say i have been trying to catch that pigeon (photographically of course) for years, still not done it to my satisfaction…its always too far away, too fast. Even my young students try to help be by lobbing stones at it (from a distance, with no chance of hitting it) to coax it into flight…like i said, damn that pigeon!!!

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