ego ego ego…

Forgive the rampant egoism of this post, but a lot of my students made portraits of me last year…not ever an assignment i can assure you, but i loved them and all the little details they picked out, here are some:

IMG_1293May have posted this one before, but it deserves a re-post, Anusha got my hair, the flower and the bag down to a T…


IMG_2486Me and my omnipresent camera…and factually correct earrings.


IMG_2768Thomas did this one, he got my hair, flower, bag and bindi, and the red lipstick! Genius!


IMG_5157Narasingh is not officially my student but drops by from time to time…it’s me working on my laptop! and he even caught how i always hook my bag on my chair. Bloody brilliant!!


P1250235Longtime student Angel drew this one.


P1260215Hemanth, giving me fabulous jewellery!!!

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