diwali and rogue fireworks…


I love, love LOVE Diwali. It’s my favourite Indian holiday, the festival of lights. Fireworks are prohibited in the orphanage campus where i live, for obvious reasons… so after dark i take a walk into the neighbouring village along with some of my much loved ex students (now in college) to take some pictures and see what is happening.


But its not really as simple as that because Diwali can get pretty chaotic round these parts. Imagine, pretty much every child in the vicinity, armed with matches, fire and small and big, highly unreliable fireworks.


Myself and my trusty companions walk in formation keeping our eyes open in all directions cos really, you have no idea where the next very LOUD big bang is going to come from…or some whizzing, ground based catherine wheel affair that might whack you in the legs…and i can’t tell you the amounts of time i see kids and adults returning to fireworks that were lit but had not gone off…arghhh!!!!


i get asked in by this family who hand me giant sparklers and then proceed to take a lot of photos. I smile stoically despite the fact that half the time their small child is burning my ankles with his very large sparkler…

IMG_0137 IMG_0201  IMG_0209

This year the Indian Govt. ran a campaign for a greener, firework free Diwali, but that’s a bit like trying to tell the tides to stop flowing…Truthfully we are a bit jumpy by the end but it’s all part of the experience and i would not miss it for the world…


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