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a house, a person, a tree…


This is a nice exercise,  especially at the beginning of a course. You get your students to draw a picture of; a house, a person, a tree, a bush, flowers and then 5 more elements of their choosing.


I give them only one pen to make the drawing which forces them more to think of the drawing and contents, i also try to make them sit separately and copying is forbidden!!!


The idea is to show them that even if the drawings are all of the same subject, they can produce very different and individual works…

IMG_9436I really love the gothic nature of this one by Markmalli…a very individual thinker.


happy christmas from shanti…


Happy Christmas from Shanti, around 2 weeks old and weighing in at just over one and a half kilos. She was born to an under age mother and her grandmother was discovered at the Govt. hospital where she was born, trying to sell her. Now she is here at the orphanage, a little bundle of instincts, a survivor…wriggling and settling herself against me, she regularly falls asleep feather light in my arms, in fact mostly she will only sleep if you hold her. Oh and often she sleeps with one eye open. Like i said, she is a survivor. Happy Christmas!!!



proud artists…

Some of the proud artists of the previous post, with their works. I actually find it very important to photograph the kids with their work. It gives them a real sense of pride which i think you can see in their faces, click on individual images for a better view:


the transformation of a name…


Have not done this for a couple of years…I get the kids to write their name down the centre of a page and then trace a mirror image of it. The drawing is then turned vertically and they must transform it into a new drawing. Maybe its a little gory but i really love the above drawing by Naveen!!!

Check out some of the other marvellous creations my students came up with, click on the thumbnails for a closer look:



Its also a very democratic process i think because the transformative possibilities are endless, so something as unpromising as this:


can then become this rather lovely raggedy mouse drawing…



Hmmm, inspired by a close brush nature last night…basically i woke up ‘cos i felt a lizard nestling in my arm pit area…yes folks that is correct…it felt smooth, cold and rubbery. Was mostly annoyed rather than freaked out as this particular lizard was breaking the rules, ie they stick to the walls and the ceiling and not to me!!!. Too bad i did not have the wherewithal to photograph the situation but it was 3.00am. ANYWAY, in lieu of evidential images of aforementioned incident, please accept some gratuitous fauna shots, mostly from my classroom window:

P1090541So many different types of Kingfisher live here!

IMG_0497IMG_0498This beauty is a kind of woodpecker and flies to and from the trees in front of our computer lab and believe it or not makes a kind of guttural Woody Woodpecker noise as it flies!

IMG_0514classroom inhabitant 1, climbing up my computer wire…

IMG_0745classroom inhabitant 2, on my desk…