the power of the group…

Whenever i am in a position of teaching, be it at Art college, with artists or school kids, i am always espousing “the power of the group”,  how much more you can get done, how much braver or more ambitious you can be…

Am reminded of that in this current residence i am undertaking. 5 or us are here, 2 from India, 3 from Scotland, from music, theatre and fine art backgrounds all with the common thread of making/creating/facilitating creative work for children and young people. We are spending 3 weeks together working thematically on the nature of work and installations for children and young people.We have no idea how the residence will end, hopefully we will be enlightened and maybe we will make a work, or instigate something that continues beyond our current geography and time frame…who knows…but one thing’s for sure, don’t ever underestimate the power of the group!!!


ThinkArts residency – artists from Kolkata and Edinburgh

Ruchira DasDana RoyMargarita Vazquez Ponte, Yvonne BuskieNik Paget-Tomlinson

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