Margarita Vazquez Ponte – multi media, cross disciplinary artist who operates between Scotland and Northern Italy.

MFA Fine Art 2004, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
BA(Hons) Fine Art 2002, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
MA(Hons) Art History 1994 University of Edinburgh

Initially this site was set up in October 2009 to be a vehicle for blogging the processes and progression of a project that involved going to Andrha Pradesh in India to set up a creative laboratory for orphans between 8 – 18 years. However as i began to fill it with some of the content from my years of practice as a visual artist, it seems to have become something else, a container for past/present/future projects, a story so far, or a work in progress even. The blog itself also has taken on a life of its own and has become a tool for me in order to note down daily investigations into life, food, art…whatever comes my way…

So what is the main theme that runs through these works/projects? What is the impetus and motivation behind them? Is there a common theme?

In 2004 i attended an artists residence programme at Michellangelo Pistoletto’s Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, where i spent 4 months working with 18 other international artists under the collective thematic umbrella of creating art works with the goal to responsibly change society through art. A mighty ambition for sure. But those 4 months did affect my work profoundly; I changed from a solitary practice to a collaborative and more considered process. I have collaborated consistently with Cittadellarte since 2004, and looking back at the work i have done since then, that period transformed my life and my practice and shaped to a certain extent where i am today.

The aim of this site is to provide a wider access to past, present and future projects, while the blog itself provides a day by day documentary / visual diary.

Should anyone require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments section at the bottom of every page/post.


All photographs, films and illustrations throughout the site are by mvp unless otherwise stated.

other mvp website: http://www.requestedportraits.com/


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  2. dear ms margarita where are you. Tippy droped my phone in the bath and i dont have your number/address/email/vitalstatistics/lovenomore spoke to sam recently why dont you come on down and take us both out for a fancy tea. yours mr mccaffer

  3. hello I am a estate agent working in Bo’ness, please may i use the photo you have taken of The Hippodrome cinema in Boness on my website – please reply to paul@paulrolfeestates.com

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