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making a river and other stuff…

AAAaaaarggggg, not enough time!!!!, 5 flights up and lift and escalators broken, deadline tomorrow!!! Errrr more work in progress:

img_1296Dana tests out my Neuk

img_1288class photo

Making a trompe l’oeil river, that kids cross via stepping stones that trigger different sounds as they step…

work in progress…



So we have a beautiful large gallery space at the City Arts Centre to work in for the second half of our residency. See above how it was when we entered it. Inspired by all that space and all our discussions we decided to make a multi sensory installation for small children, based a somewhat on all the things we have discussed and shared over the past 2 weeks but also in a collaborative, cross disciplinary way which hopefully pulls us in directions we might not be able to manage on our own.. See below for apparent chaos but actually its just work very much in progress, will post more as our cunning plan develops…and hopefully will develop further and beyond the residency:

img_1258img_1262img_1267img_1268img_1279img_1282img_1285photos 2,5,6,7,8 by Nik PT

late artists…

Very much enjoying the halloween inspired windows of greyfriars art shop at the moment, particularly enjoying the fact that the names mentioned do not consist entirely of dead white men!



Went en masse to Dundee to see some theatre…perhaps the oddest double bill imaginable…double bill in that we saw 2 performances in the same day, not that anyone actually curated these 2 works to run together! But i digress, we went to see White a performance for 2-4 year olds, which was sweet, weird, wonderful, white and (spoiler) ultimately full of colour and later we saw the very adult themed Crude: an exploration of oil performed in situ at Dundee Port (had to take our passports or other photo id to get in). But back to White, the other members of this creative residence have all made work for wider age ranges than i, having worked more with older children and teenagers, so its very daunting to watch performers make such sweet and gently subversive work for such a tiny audience. Very inspirational though, and gorgeous visuals.


After the performance when colour reigns supreme…

img-20161018-wa0000Ahem…we are older than the average audience for White but we did sit at the back for the performance, honest.



Ruchira and Dana were telling us about an amazing market in Kolkata, where you could buy all kinds of weird and wonderful things…you know, the stuff you don’t need or think you don’t need and then you see it and suddenly…you really need it (even if you don’t really!) Anything like that here???

img_1139loThinkArts Residency 2016 (Photo by Coral)

Well maybe not but i did think about the following place, very different but with its own charms and so…We took a trip to the Borders Scrap Store in Musselburgh, a hidden treasure, an absolute wee gem of a place filled with sundry scraps and remnants of …well stuff and ephemera…leftovers from factory productions, last of range stuff, bolts of cloth and wool etc…you never know what might crop up there.

img_1117lo(that’s rolls of quality street wrapping paper on the right by the way)

We went along for some inspiration and to have a look. If you have any kind of craft or arts project, you might want to try here, get the bus to Musselburgh and it’s about a 2 minute walk from the Brunton Theatre…definitely worth the trip.


You can find the Scrap Store at the Fisherrow Center, South St, Musselburgh, opening hours are  MON 1.30-4.30pm WED 9.30-4.00pm FRI 12.00pm – 4.00pm