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*merceria = haberdashery

Beautiful old school neon haberdashery sign in Arzua, Galicia:


More lovely graphics in the form of the sign for Trigas Ferretería (Ironmongers) that also doubles as a tourist shop as Arzua is for many pilgrims the last stopping point before the day long trek and culmination of the Camino de Santiago (into Santiago de Compostela)


the joy of good graphics…

Love this bar sign for Bar Luis in the small Galician town of Arzua, beautiful economy of graphic design, been the same for a good 40 years or more.

IMG_20171227_115351IMG_20171227_115334IMG_20171227_115229…fabulous wallpaper from interior…

indian graphics…

A quick post on the merits of Indian graphic design, picked up off the road to Ajjampudi; the face of Ulta Palta salty snacks, woman one way up, man the other…but which way is the right way up????

IMG_2926 IMG_2927

in praise of indian school posters…

A post dedicated to the marvellous and informative art of Indian scholastic posters photographed at a high school in Vijayawada:

P1250791telugu alphabet

P1250790hindi alphabet

P1250788love Q for Queen!

P1250781 P1250784 P1250785 P1250786    P1250836 P1250837

indian fashion…it’s all in the details…

Spectacular outfit worn by village girl at school…like i said, it’s all in the details, love the almost symmetry of the clothes, her pose and herself!:

P1240127 P1240128