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end of term exhibition 2014…

I know my subject matter on the blog is jumping about a bit but am trying to tie up a lot of loose ends, with that in mind:

Never posted this, it’s a film i made to show at the BH orphanage school end of term exhibition on the work we did together. We screened it to the whole school in 3 screenings. Lots of fun!

One thing to note, for the screenings i originally edited with music from Go Team which worked really well with the images…but no way to upload that onto any public video site (due to obvious copyright infringements) so i had to re-edit with copyright free music…which is great to have available but NOT my first choice…bah! anyway here is the film:

(watch on full screen to get the best of the kids’ art works)

where do i end and you begin…


You know a school must have been a bit posh if it had a “debating chamber” and it is in one such debating chamber at the Old Royal High School, Regent Rd, Edinburgh that you can find the film The Sovereign Forest by Amar Kanwar. The film is about the impact of illegal mining in the Indian state of Orisa, but if beautiful, poetic and meandering art films are not your bag, go anyway because the space is beautiful and you cant normally get inside it, but be quick as it only runs till August 31.

 P1280997P1280972   P1280971 P1280970

The Sovereign Forest is part of Edinburgh Art Festival’s WHERE DO I END AND YOU BEGIN exhibition.

true grit…

…nobody comes to Edinburgh for the weather, this much we know, but on this freezing, wet and windy August evening (with a massive arts festival going on all around INDOORS) you have to admire the plucky resolve of the few who braved an outdoor screening of Amelie in the old college quad at Edinburgh Uni. I for one salute them…

20140817_215729 20140817_215755

if you only have 120 seconds of your life, what story would you tell?…

There is still time to submit to the FILANDO BIELLA International 120 second Film Festival 2013 (see earlier post).

DEADLINE is extended up to the 25th of September:


Deadline Extension

filando biella…

…but enough about Edinburgh and that festival (see last few posts)…i am back in Biella and the UNIDEE artist’s residence and things are happening…

2 of this years residents are working on this…please spread the word and/or submit…

(Short Film Festival developed by UNIDEE 2013 residents Illaria Biotti and Richard Legaspi)

About the Festival

FILANDO BIELLA International 120” Film Festival 2013 is the first edition of a non –
competitive and non – commercial digital film festival dedicated to 120 second films
from all over the world. The festival is presented by UNIFILBI120, in the context of
Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto which aims to encourage the unique cinematic
creativity of the short film genre through 120 second-long moving images.

FILANDO BIELLA International film festival wants to introduce a wide range of 120”
films, namely live-action, animation, documentary and video art to international
audiences. The festival also aims to screen the films in different satellite venues in
Italy and abroad.

The first FILANDO BIELLA International 120 Film Festival will take place between
October 6 and 8 2013, with a Preview opening Gala on the 5th, in different venues in
Biella, Piedmont Region, Italy. The term filando – which is one “M” away from
filmando the italian word for filming, playing on its double meaning – stands for ‘to
spin’ in the sense of forming a thread or yarn, which connects with the historical
heydays of textile industry in the city, as much as it addresses its more colloquial
meaning, hence, flirting and falling in love.

The 2013 edition will be divided into three categories and a parallel program.
The whole program is intended to reflect on relationships between the space
dedicated to artistic research, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, and the contextual
territory, the city of Biella.

Categories and programme

Filmmakers of any nationality can submit up to three (3) films in the following

120‘‘ Tessuto Biellese – section dedicated to Biella, its people, culture, stories and

120‘‘ International Melange Stories – section dedicated to Short Films from all over
the world about happy dreams

120“ Ancora un‘idea (manyidee) – section dedicated to UNIDEE alumni and 2013
residents film production.

Parallel Program

Rispecchiando – Program dedicated to Pistoletto’s Film Archive.

Weavers of tomorrow – Opening film. The festival will nominate one internationally
acclaimed short film.

Year of production

120‘‘ Tessuto Biellese, and 120“ Ancora un‘idea (manyidee) categories – any year of
production is eligible. 120‘‘ International Melange Stories – Short Films – must have
been produced in 2010 or later.

Running time

For all categories the running time must not exceed 120 seconds including opening
and end titles.
Free of charge
The participation to the Festival is free of charge.

Application form

The entry form with all the required information can be downloaded at

• Each submitted film should have an individual entry form to be sent to
the festival email:
• Vimeo is preferable.
• Please indicate link and password.
• Do not send DVD-screener
• The preview copy must be subtitled in English, in case the original
language is neither Italian nor English.
• The rights for any kind of used music in the film must be cleared by the
submitter and belong to the responsibility of the submitter.


Application by September 10th 2013 midnight european time.
Selected Films will be posted on the Festival’s Blog by September, 23rd 2013 –
through email they will be asked to send the screening copy via in
Mov, MPEG- 4 or H.264 screening format.




P1180981Richard, Tea, Ilaria