Drawings/Artist’s books

pages from mask, a single edition book based on a series of sculptures, drawings and installations based on the themes of protection, symbols and superstition



some drawings…

chicken grid







dante drawing

6 responses to “Drawings/Artist’s books

  1. Lovin the Coney Island sketches!

  2. I like your book work very much. How was it presented? Was this a bound collection of photographs? If so, how was it bound?

    • Thanks for the comment!
      I made a whole series of books as a way to bring together a large body of work on the same theme but using different media, so for example the Mask works are photographic/drawings/prints/video stills…i printed them myself using lots of different kinds of paper (trace/graph/plain…) then i often drew on top of the printed page. i then had them bound in hard back with plain red textile covers. The size of the books varied in keeping with the page sizes a printed on, but they were always odd sizes…

  3. Sounds great. Red covers very much in keeping with the images. I like the idea of over-working the images too. Thanks.

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