2011 – photoshop & illustrator

Creative Computer Programme classes:

Due to a new school policy of encouraging even the youngest of students to become familiar with computer skills and thanks to the purchase of some powerful new computers by Fondazione Zegna, this year I focussed a lot of attention on computer classes. I ran for the first time Photoshop classes for beginners concentrating on the creative nature of these programmes encouraging, as ever, the students to think and create for themselves and not to merely copy or repeat lessons, catching them young with the idea that they can have many years of extra tuition as they progress through their school careers.

photoshop art by beginners and younger students

Photoshop is actually a valid and extremely vocational skill to be learned for young Indian students. As well as the fact that Andhra Pradesh (or namely Hyderabad) is a centre for information technology, there is also a flourishing industry for Photoshop artists who work in tandem with photographers to create fantasy albums for special events such as wedding ceremonies etc…


photoshop art by beginners and younger students

Once the students leave school if possible they go to college but after that they are on their own, therefor it is vital to arm them with as many skills as possible to help them in their adult life.Also in order to create even more desirable potential employees,  I encouraged the older students to be as versatile as possible by learning other graphic programmes such as Adobe Illustrator. The more programmes these kids learn now, the more attractive propositions they will make to potential employers in the future…

illustrator art by senior students

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