2009 – computer classes

In the late afternoons, after school was finished, I also taught some lessons at the school’s computer club. Students come here voluntarily every day and learn/play with creative programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. For my part I taught them how to use Adobe Illustrator and helped them Image Ready.

Some of the students’ work using Illustrator:

I was struck by the enthusiasm and talent of these kids, who took everything I taught them, ran with it and pushed it much further.

The students have a very nice computer studio, large, spacious and airy, but the PCs themselves are weak and very out of date. I was struck by the kids’ patience because often any simple rendering or command would result in a very long wait while the computer processed…there were also many crashes and needs to reboot. So progress within any project is difficult. The students take these regular interruptions with good humour and patience…

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