2009 – crafts

I tought 2 classes of mixed ages between 8 – 13 years, every second day, weekends included.

For the most part i was given a free reign over what kind of classes i could give the kids, but there was one request…in the run up to christmas could i do (for part of the time) something christmassy please!

I wanted to do craft projects with the kids but they needed to be wholly sustainable as there is very VERY little money here…Paper mache was perfect. Old newspapers were abundant and we could get the glue for free from the in-house book binders. We covered balloons in many layers of the paper mache, then painted and decorated them…click on individual images to get a better view:

The kids have a very westernised ideal of christmas in the orphanage, they are in love with the idea of snow, cosiness, santa…you name it..everything that is fantasy and everything that is the opposite of their geographical reality. At first i really tried to steer them away from this but they were having none of it…and in the end who am i to spoil their fun or ruin their fantasy. What they did bring to their design however was a very Indian sensibility in design, pattern and colour. In the end i think they even managed to surprise themselves in how good they were…

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