Miscellaneous lists


10 BRILLIANT COVER VERSIONS (in no particular order)

siouxsie and the bansheesdear prudence (beatles)

lunaseason of the witch (donovan)

blondieheroes (bowie)

elvis costello and the attractionswhat’s so funny bout peace love and understanding (nick lowe)

ciccone youthaddicted to love (robert palmer)

william shatner and joe jacksoncommon people (pulp)

the slitsheard it through the grapevine (marvin gaye)

glen campbelltimes like these (foo fighters)

hüsker dü make no sense at all (the dammed)

camper van beethovenpictures of matchstick men (status quo)


10 BRILLIANT ARTISTS (in no particular order)

Michael Landy

Andy Warhol

Sandro Botticelli

The Limbourg Brothers 

Tacita Dean

Albrecht Dürer

Antonello da Messina (almost entirely because of The Dead Christ Supported by an Angel)

Vorticists (mainly for BLAST, the movement’s short lived but BRILLIANT journal, remember this was 1914!!!!)

Peter Greenaway (for his films and especially his Last Supper)

Martin Parr


10 SONGS I LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER ON MY IPOD (warning: a truly great song is not necessarily accompanied by a great video)

the verlainsdeath and the maiden

wilco – born alone (any/all wilco will do but at the moment its this one)

dexy’s midnight runners there there my dear (the chorus literally makes me want to jump up and down for joy)

smudgei don’t want to be grant mclennan (and as a bonus here is  grant mclennan)

ultra vivid scene the mercy seat


the hold steadystuck between stations

nick cave midnight man

courtney lovebut julian i’m a little older than you (angry/crazy woman with a guitar, what’s not to like?)

go-betweensbye bye pride



the rebel (best film about art EVER) – robert day

lawrence of arabia – david lean

a room for romeo brass – shane meadows

ghostbusters ( if i had to pick only one film i would pick this) – ivan reitman

bedazzled – stanley donen

habla con ella – pedro almodovar

smashing time (best “swinging ’60’s in London” film EVER)- desmond davis/carlo ponti

atanarjuat, the fast runner (the first all inuit produced film- its bloody brilliant) – zacharias kunuk

lost in translation – sofia coppola

the filth and the fury – julian temple


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