a… points of view

The Solar Pavilion was the centre piece of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2011. Situated within the St Andrew’s Square Gardens beneath the imposing Melville Monument, the pavilion was designed by Scottish artist Karen Forbes. This specially commissioned pavilion created a focal point and centre to the Art Festival this year, as a dynamic space to showcase the latest of Scottish and international creativity and innovation.

As one of 24 artists asked to create works influenced by issues of site and context within their own work in response to the ideas behind the Solar Pavilion, Edinburgh and its location, Margarita Vazquez Ponte responded with the following work:

Work title: Points of View

I decided to reflect on the idea of the journey made by the Melville Monument’s circling shadow and parallel that with the journeys I regularly make away from Edinburgh and Home. It’s very simple, the idea of place and location for me. Especially as i move regularly from location to location dictated by project necessities. As soon as i arrive somewhere i locate a particular point of view that i look towards and note the changes on a daily basis. I decided to present photographically my 2 most recent points of view as for now they give me my sense of place location and home away from Home

View 1 for 3 months: (working as a collaborating artist for artists’ residence UNIDEE at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto)  Biella, N. Italy, towards the mountain of Mucrone  (Latitude: 45.57172 Longitude  8.05444) distance from St Andrews Square Garden Solar Pavilion 1396 km

View 2 for 4 weeks: (While co-running video workshops for teenage girls in the Barrio of Moravia), Medellin Colombia towards the Andes (Latitude 6.27556  Longitude  -75.56490) distance from St Andrews Square Garden Solar Pavilion 8338 km

The work will continue and i plan to create an ongoing archive on my points of view and their geographical location regarding the distance from Edinburgh and Home.

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