e… cubes in motion project


The cubes in motion/cubi in movimento project is a collaborative initiative from the  production office of Cittadellarte, the Region of Piedmont, the CNA – Biellese Craftmen Association, the Chamber of Commerce of Biella, selected local companies, the Piedmont artisans of Excellence and the artists of the Cittadellarte network.

Initially 8 artists were asked to select from 8 local producers and 8 local artisans, in order to collaborate in the creation of a cube (45 cm square) that would act as a container/vehicle for the local product they chose.

the proposal:


the drinking game…

The idea was to create a wooden cube in the form of a dice which reflected the game housed within. Inside along with the ratafià liqueur, are shot glasses each filled with a dice. Instead of numbers, each dice has a different colour that represents the labels of the different ratafià liqueur flavours. You throw the dice to decide what to drink next…

the finished cube


made from solid walnut wood, the box was permeated with the smell of macerated cherries

artist: margarita vazquez ponte artisan: roberto pigato producer: Liquorificio Rapa Giovanni S.r.l.

Thus far the cubes have been exhibited in:

Parma, 12th July – 3rd September 2006: Terzo Paradiso exhibition at Fondazione Solares
Rovereto (TN), 7th – 10th September 2006: Una relazione possibile exhibition at Mart
Luxembourg, 15th – 17th September 2006: the cubes ambassadors of Biella and Piedmont Region atl LUXEXPO
Turin, 26th – 30th October 2006: the Cubes in Motion at the 10th Salone del Gusto
Frankfurt (Germany), 10th – 13th January 2007: the Cubes in Motion at the textile fair HEIMTEXTIL
Ningbo (China), 27th April – 6th May 2007: ViCina LifeStyleMadeInItaly
Beijing (China), 14th – 16th May 2007: ViCina LifeStyleMadeInItaly
La Spezia, 8th December 2007 – 8th April 2008: the Cubes in Motion at the Cittadellarte-Pistoletto e il Terzo Paradiso exhibition at CAMeC
Senigallia (AN), 5th – 10th June 2008: Trasforma – arte e città sostenibile
Biella, July 9th 2008: Dicubi – connected projects, Toward Biella cultural district – II phase
Aosta, 12th – 13th September 2008: national working seminar “Le giovani classi creative” – Creativity and Socialization as tools for transforming the cities
Biella, November 22nd 2008: presentation of the activities of the Production Office at the Decennial of Cittadellarte

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