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upgrades like buses and a lot of food…


Hmmm…seems like upgrades are a bit like buses, you wait your whole life for one to come and then a whole bunch appear, one after the other! So BA London to Hyderabad am upgraded to Business Class…!!!!  This really is very good news. No sleeping on the flight though as i don’t like to miss out on the experience…there is food to be eaten and drink to be drunk!…


However, am on my way to my usual stint at the Andrha Pradesh orphanage, so too much free booze seems unseemly but the odd Kir Royale is most welcome (especially as i won’t be drinking for the next few months).  Movie is Man Up btw.

Then the food starts to arrive…

P1090349chicken and duck terrine with kumquat compote

P1090351lamb with caraway and onion braised rice, stuffed baby pepper and stroganoff sauce

P1090354light and dark chocolate cheesecake with raspberry compote

P1090358Movie is Love and Mercy (loved it)

Think am supposed to sleep now.


After a brief respite it’s time for more food, to the point where am feeling a bit queasy…but i keep saying yes to whatever comes along. Greedy. Lighting very low now hence all the grainy photos…


Breakfast is served an hour or so before landing, about 4.00am Indian time but it’s around 10.30pm my time and i think this is my 5th meal of the day…like i said. Greedy.


P1090369elemis goodie bag

Landed…phew…with a few hours stopover in Hyderabad and then a short flight with Air India to Vijayawada…and another small snack…


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