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witness to spontaneous dancing…

Please watch film below for top notch, spectacular impromptu Indian dancing from near the tiny village of Ajjampudi…deserves its own post!

indian fashion…it’s all in the details…

Spectacular outfit worn by village girl at school…like i said, it’s all in the details, love the almost symmetry of the clothes, her pose and herself!:

P1240127 P1240128


The effort that goes into making the Chritsmas cribs at both orphanages is impressive, but the boys at Butterfly Hill always make a really special effort, here is some of their work:

P1280261Star shaped crib…my favourite, but am biased as they are my students…but it is brilliant!!

P1280257P1280248 P1280305 P1280302 P1280290 P1280287 P1280282 P1280279 P1280273 Heart shaped crib made by the romantically inclined senior boys and yes, Tagore is one of my students!


india again…

The blog has been going for just over a year now. I began it to record a project i was running in India, in an orphanage called Daddy’s Home in rural Andhra Pradesh…Obviously it has grown into something more now, but i digress…the point is that i am going back to India, to that same orphanage in Buddavaram and to the same school where i taught for 5 weeks this time last year. Keep watching for updates and i will hope that the internet is slightly less erratic than it was last year!. Checked the weather…can expect a week of thunderstorms and temps around 30C…

For more on the classes i taught and the material produced by the students from last year, click on the images below:

photography classes

the alphabet project



computer class