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rural urbanism and rethinking happiness…

…still in the Architecture Biennale of 2010…rural urbanism – the city enters the countryside, the country enters the city

Please bear in mind that i have just spent a rather intensive über arty and not always easy 4 months working with 14 other artists. So maybe it’s just that i am rather easily pleased at the moment…but i really enjoyed this installation…am speaking pure fun and aesthetic pleasure here as i have not had time to read all the text (yet) and to understand if this is some kind of proposal for a realistic “utopia” or another kind of dogmatic enforcement of urban planning or impossible political correctness… So instead and for the moment i just want to revel in the pleasure of the installation itself…hours of fun…and pick out some of the crazy details…

“rethinking happiness” is a research project showing 4 different new possible communities on a total surface of 40mq, curated by italian architect and designer Aldo Cibic, Rural Urbanism is one of the 4 aforementioned projects:

New Communities, New Polarities – how a small centre becomes a large centre

One hour from Shanghai, a large rural territory with an ancient agricultural tradition is crushed between a growing industrial zone and a new city.

The idea is to create an agricultural park of 4 sq km inhabited by 8000 persons with low-density residential structures, preserving the agriculture and offering green spaces for the inhabitants. the project calls for a group of elevated buildings on the streets, to create a perpendicular grid that floats over the countryside.

The more time i spent looking, the more “unusual” things i found, for example a crime scene here, can you see the body outline on the ground?:

or this…architecture style of Benny Hill???…Only in Italy surely…rural urbanism…in a bikini anyone??

Studio Andrea Branzi – Per una Nuova Carta de Atene (plus art peeping tom…)

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