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meadows on fire…

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Walking home across the meadows near sunset the other night. No lights are on in that building in the distance (Edinburgh Uni’s Appleton Tower i think), it is entirely lit up by the low (still) wintry setting sun reflecting on all its windows, it looked like it was on fire.

I only just noticed the tiny human figures on Arthur’s seat, you can just about see them, tiny little stick people right at the top – doesn’t matter when it is, there always seems to be someone at the top of Arthur’s seat – (they always make me think about the tiny coffin figures from a previous post).


Edinburgh is full of ghosts. These strange little figures in miniature pine coffins were found buried on Arthur’s Seat in 1836.

the craggs and arthur’s seat

No one knows much about them but there has been speculation as to their use and origins ever since…17 were found in total and some say they represent a mock burial of the 17 victims of infamous murderers Burke and Hare. Like i said, Edinburgh is full of ghosts.

London Times, July 20, 1836:

That, early in July, 1836, some boys were searching for rabbits’ burrows in the rocky formation, near Edinburgh, known as Arthur’s Seat. In the side of a cliff, they came upon some thin sheets of slate, which they pulled out.

Little cave.

Seventeen tiny coffins.

Three or four inches long.

In the coffins were miniature wooden figures. They were dressed differently in both style and material. There were two tiers of eight coffins each, and a third one begun, with one coffin.

The extraordinary datum, which has especially made mystery here:

That the coffins had been deposited singly, in the little cave, and at intervals of many years. In the first tier, the coffins were quite decayed, and the wrappings had moldered away. In the second tier,  the effects of age had not advanced to far. And the top coffin was quite recent looking.

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more snow

Its like the arctic tundra round here, i dont think any other city has a centre that looks like this… Holyrood Park:

St Margaret’s Loch