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other pavilions…

Other pavilions in the Giardini venue…The Australian pavilion was a bit like an 80’s disco, all black and dayglo…

punters walking down the stairs to: “now and when: Australian urbanism”

‘Now’ focuses on prototypical urban narratives that apply to Australian urbanism as a whole; ‘When’ utilizes 3D stereoscopic imaging to illustrate urban futures for the continent…

My friend is beginning to get annoyed as he sees very little out of one eye and all these 3D installations (there are a lot this year) are starting to make him feel a little left out!

The Serbian pavilion is equally strange…

…here they encourage us to take plants for a walk on little mad max style wheeled contraptions…hmm, not sure about the blurb above, in the end it does not really mean anything, although i did enjoy the botanic-mechanic creations below as objects…lovely cooking pots, saw similar ones when i spent some time in Zagreb, Croatia a few years back…

…what do you imagine they were thinking about when they designed this????

“Detached” – Installation from Chile by Pezo Von Ellrichschausen Architects

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