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points of views…

(click on photo to see it a bit larger)

Best thing about going to the movies down in leith (even if the film is terrible…see below) are the views before you go inside; see above, and when you come out, see below:

for a better resolution photo click here

Sunset on Leith…flour factory to the left and hideous reclaimed-land-Dubai-style apartments complex on the right, no shops, no cafes, no life, very creepy when you are actually there.

Back to the subject matter of film… i guess i am the last person on earth to go and see Avatar, but all that 3D just reminded me of my favourite toy i had a s a kid. It was called a view master, you slot a photographic transparency disc into it and hold it up to the light and voilà – everything goes 3D! The view master is way WAY better than the film by the way.