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…and speaking of food (see previous post)


Blackfriars on Blackfriar St, Edinburgh used to be Black Bo’s…i used to drink there and i even ate there once in the adjacent restaurant…had something veggie and foul made with blue curacao…ughhh NOT a good ingredient… i still remember it…not nice. HOWEVER, it’s not Black Bo’s any more, it’s Blackfriars…and foodwise things have gotten a heck of a lot better.

Have not tried the restaurant but the bar food is pretty darned good…high quality, with almost everything including the bread made from scratch…


Special mention to the delicious barbecue beef roll with coleslaw in a home made bun which had a faint aniseed taste that was delicious with the smoky beef…yum and chips with béarnaise…what’s not to like?…don’t judge me, i walked 22 km that day… i wanted carbs!!!

Please note i did not eat the following all by myself…

P1170999…our table runneth over with the addition of salty, garlicky sprouting broccoli with goats curd and cured salmon with fennel and horseradish…

Am going back!

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