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more giardini…

…so why is it that i have enjoyed the Architecture Biennale way more than the art one. Is it that the participants are forced to be more creative, to create an alternative to an infinite display of blueprints and architectural models? or are artists who display at the Art Biennale just so far down their career path that they have ceased to try indulge anyone other than themselves? (can you tell am a little tired of artists – including myself – right now…). There are also many artists showing here at the Biennale of Architecture right now, but it is almost as if with the spotlight off them, off “art” that they are more free??? i don’t know…anyway here are some more images of things i have seen:


“joanna (chapter one)” by Cerith Wyn Evans

McBusier – Tom Sachs

teeny tiny Le Corbusier furniture

The 3 images above are by US artist Tom Sachs “focusing on Le Corbusier and the successes and failures of modernism…both the potential for solving the world’s housing crisis and the mismanagement of projects that incubated poverty”

Speaking of blueprints and plans (architecture is still kind of the subject matter after all). This must have been a real labour of love…

“Blueprint” an installation by artist Do ho Suh + Suh Architects from Korea

It is a literally a blueprint in 3D suspended above our heads…it is a 1:1 scale hand stitched replica of the facade of the artist’s home in NYC. Curator of the whole event, japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima said at the opening of the Biennale, ‘an architecture exhibition is a challenging concept, as actual buildings cannot be exhibited.’ But actually…looking at Do ho Suh’s work…he seems to have managed it!

Below 2 images from the Japanese Pavilion:

City of Monarchism from Tokyo Metabolising Installation

City of Capitalism from Tokyo Metabolising Installation

…and finally a gratuitous shot of Venice just because it is so pretty and i was there!

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