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cocido gallego…

A dish made traditionally after the matanza at christmas or for carnival…a winter feast. A robust, hearty dish very typical and popular in Galicia:


Grelos – these are turnip tops, you can substitute this with cabbage but it is not the same without these bitter winter greens.



chorizo sausage

touciño – this is like salted pork belly or pancetta but in a big piece, not chopped up

costilla – salted pork or beef rib

cacheira – half a pigs head – this is optional!

You can add any salted meat that you can get to this dish really and also chicken

Put a big pan of water on the stove and add the salted meat and the chickpeas (the chickpeas are kept together during the cooking process in a linen bag). Bring the water to the boil and cook for a couple of hours till the meat and chickpeas are tender but not disintegrating. Remove them from the water and set aside. Now add to this same water the peeled potatoes and the chorizo (the chorizo should not boil for more than 20 minutes), boil til cooked. In a separate pan using some of the same stock from the meat cook the grelos till tender. Drain them, fry some garlic in olive oil and use this to dress the grelos.

cocido in progress

Take some of the stock from the meat/potatoes/chorizo and add this to the chickpeas that have been set aside, they are now ready. Then it is just a matter of cutting up the meat and putting everything on a plater.

Galicians tend to like their meat fatty, i think this stems from the need to fuel up for the harsh winters and all the physical labour that such an agrarian landscpe required…It is not refined cooking but what it may lack in aesthetics it more than makes up for in flavour.

Any stock that is left over is unbelievably tasty, you just need to cook a little vermicelli pasta in it and you have a delicious sopa de fideus – pasta soup.

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