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to Vijayawada and back…

Been to the babies home today, here in the orphanage, where i saw a baby one week old found abandoned in a bin and brought here. Then there was another one left in a bag filled with food and clothes for the baby. In all there are about a 6 or 7  babies here right now, sometimes there are more, last year there were 20. But the good news is that they pretty much all get adopted by Indian families.

Went to Vijayawada, a proper Indian city. Never saw a single western face never mind a tourist. Did see a statue of Lenin though. P1000527_small

Went to an Indian restaurant, a real one mind, no cutlery and fiery hot pickles, its actually quite liberating trying to eat sauce with your fingers, only use your right hand mind, the left hand is for less sanitary matters…not sure what left handed folks do. So you find yourself thinking in cliches, but people ARE incredibly friendly here and very kind. They will invite you into their home even if they have almost nothing.



Catholicism and communism are very present in the area


A walk in to the village next door shows up just what a little oasis i am living in, in the orphanage, but again, people are always kind and proud of what they have.