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proud artists…

Some of the proud artists of the previous post, with their works. I actually find it very important to photograph the kids with their work. It gives them a real sense of pride which i think you can see in their faces, click on individual images for a better view:


the transformation of a name…


Have not done this for a couple of years…I get the kids to write their name down the centre of a page and then trace a mirror image of it. The drawing is then turned vertically and they must transform it into a new drawing. Maybe its a little gory but i really love the above drawing by Naveen!!!

Check out some of the other marvellous creations my students came up with, click on the thumbnails for a closer look:



Its also a very democratic process i think because the transformative possibilities are endless, so something as unpromising as this:


can then become this rather lovely raggedy mouse drawing…


ego ego ego…

Forgive the rampant egoism of this post, but a lot of my students made portraits of me last year…not ever an assignment i can assure you, but i loved them and all the little details they picked out, here are some:

IMG_1293May have posted this one before, but it deserves a re-post, Anusha got my hair, the flower and the bag down to a T…


IMG_2486Me and my omnipresent camera…and factually correct earrings.


IMG_2768Thomas did this one, he got my hair, flower, bag and bindi, and the red lipstick! Genius!


IMG_5157Narasingh is not officially my student but drops by from time to time…it’s me working on my laptop! and he even caught how i always hook my bag on my chair. Bloody brilliant!!


P1250235Longtime student Angel drew this one.


P1260215Hemanth, giving me fabulous jewellery!!!

end of term exhibition 2014…

I know my subject matter on the blog is jumping about a bit but am trying to tie up a lot of loose ends, with that in mind:

Never posted this, it’s a film i made to show at the BH orphanage school end of term exhibition on the work we did together. We screened it to the whole school in 3 screenings. Lots of fun!

One thing to note, for the screenings i originally edited with music from Go Team which worked really well with the images…but no way to upload that onto any public video site (due to obvious copyright infringements) so i had to re-edit with copyright free music…which is great to have available but NOT my first choice…bah! anyway here is the film:

(watch on full screen to get the best of the kids’ art works)

equal opportunity art lessons…

Does anyone else hate hate HATE the Photos software that Apple replaced iPhoto with a wee while back…goddamn them!!! but i digress…Am having to to make space in my nearly full laptop so am wading through the 30,000 odd thousand photos (yes) i took during last years teaching stint in India. During my space making cull have found some pretty great stuff that got overlooked in the blog, like for example this:

…my long time student angel made this cartoon for my small books project…as you can see all are welcome…bloody brilliant!!!

IMG_1355 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359