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the advantages of the group…


The group drawings we did were so successful last year i wanted to implement them again. They promote collaboration, negotiation and even greater ambition in the scope of the children’s drawings as they grow to realise that as a group they can achieve far greater things.

P1150627our lovely headmistress pops into our class for a visit


…also i noticed that when the kids work as a group they are less likely to ask me to resolve a drawing problem and more likely to work it out among themselves (which is a valuable lesson i think). I am really trying to promote this notion of the art always coming from the children themselves, so this problem solving makes me very happy!

P1150165My classroom windows have no glass, which makes for multiple interruptions from our noisy neighbours, the kindergarten class, who love to stick their heads through the window and scream 20 at a time “hello mummy” to me!!!…


Here are some of our groups with their collective drawings…Around Christmas time i have given up trying to get the kids to go for subject matters closer to home as they are super fixated on the notions of a western Christmas, and they get such a kick out of drawing Santa Claus, reindeer, snow etc…who am i to say they should stop…

a.montage_kids_with_group_drawings copy