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daddy vs noughts and crosses…

IMG_0207…the paper folding begins…arrival gift from a student, i love it!!!, especially like how all the kids spell “hi” as “hai”.

IMG_0218…and i got this on the board… please note that i am a really good artish…


Found some of my students playing this at lunch time. It’s the same principle as noughts and crosses (or “x’s and o’s” as we called it when i was wee) but they call it “Daddy”. Danny, on the right, is the champion. When he wins, I totally suppress the urge to ask “who’s the daddy?”…seems inappropriate!!!

throwing stones…

I actually already posted this on the UNIDEE2010 blog i am also running right now. It is a game shown to us by Inass, the resident from Palestine, i loved it. It is simple and complex and costs nothing, i saw similar things when i was in India, kids inventing entertainment out of nothing but what surrounds them, way better than video games…Just try the first phase if it seems too complicated, that is hard enough!

Palestinian resident Inass Yassin has given us all a new obsession, the game of 5 stones (warning, it is addictive…) here are her rules and also a short film she has made to explain how to play:

5 stones:
“A traditional game we played as children in Palestine in the 70s-80s.

In 1987, the first Palestinian Intifada started as the stones revolution.
Since then, I’m not sure how many children are still playing the game, but the stone has become a national symbol.
Follow these rules to win 1 point:
•    you throw the 5 stones on the ground for the first round and try to pick each one up individually while you are throwing another stone in the air. You are not allowed to touch other stones while playing apart from the one you pick up.
•    second round, you throw the 5 stones trying to keep them in pairs so you can pick up each pair together. Again you are not allowed to touch the other pair, if you do, you lose!
•    third round, you have to pick up 3 stones in one go and the single one in another
•    in the fourth, you have to pick the 4 stones together.
•    THEN…
•    Back hand: throw the 5 stones in the air and try to catch them on the back of your hand,  you have to catch at least 2 otherwise you lose. The other player nominates one stone to be “his mother” which means a stone that you should protect and never let fall. But you have to let the other stones fall, and you have to catch the mother with you fingers, and then tap it on the ground and throw it in the air and catch it again, if you do it, you pass the hand back to shoot.
•    Cave shoot: you have to shape your hand like an arch as shown in video,- difficult to explain- and you throw the stones as it is shown in the video, the other player should choose the “mother” stone, you are not allowed to move the mother till  last, you have to bring the other stones into the cave in 3 moves maximum. then you have to bring the mother into the cave by one move.
•    if you do all steps successfully you get one point.”

watch the video and all will become clear…sort of… and like i said…it is addictive…