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14 desks…

Am repeating the images i posted the other day in my UNIDEE blog, because this is indeed a very interesting time, we are in the last 10 days of a 4 month residency and the studio space is about to dramatically change.

Everything will be cleared out and next week we will start to install works. You can become very accustomed life in to a residency, every experience (both good and bad) becomes heightened, and you can pack into 4 months what you might normally experience in one year. So it is a big deal to have to clear out your studio space. Right now i think the desks in our space look very beautiful, full of work and ideas hence this post:

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in on the joke…

…another nice moment during the UNIDEE residency…Michelangelo Pistoletto, totally in on the joke as Kosta Tonev, a UNIDEE artist in residence interviews him about a particularly ugly pair of shoes he (Kosta) bought in Biella because they were decorated with a symbol that looked suspiciously like Michelangelo Pistoletto’s own symbol for the Third Paradise.  Pistoletto (un prompted), an old pro in the art of performance and irony, answered all questions deadly seriously but with a glint in his eye, managing to juggle the absurd with high art…it was a very nice moment…

below is an excerpt from Kosta’s film:

“I am interested in the discrepancy between the intentions of the author and the meanings that are expressed unintentionally. I want to challenge the concept of authorship often seen as uniqueness and originality.” Kosta Tonev

a typical day…

A bit of cross posting here as after this intro text i am repeating a post from my UNIDEE2010 blog… this is kind of a typical day for me. It looks and is fun but it is very intense, the working day for me runs from about 8 am till 8 pm and it is SO full. In between programmed events, all the residents need to have a one on one with me about their prospective projects, and there are 14 of them!!!! There are problems to be solved, people to be put in touch with people, encouragement to be given, the official blog to be kept up to date…Today i needed to pee at lunch time, i finally found time to do it at 7.00pm…too much information???? but you get the point anyway, this was one day…

today: more small tutorial groups with Emiliano Gandofi where their projects are discussed and critiqued.

lunch and a break from discussion (always important)

Strange things we sometimes have to do…A freelance photographer Edoardo Delille has been here for 2 days on a photo shoot assignment on Cittadellarte, every now and then we have fill spaces be photographed and act natural!

Late afternoon there were also presentations from Chiara Tinonin and Davide Ligas,

and also from Inass Yassin

throwing stones…

I actually already posted this on the UNIDEE2010 blog i am also running right now. It is a game shown to us by Inass, the resident from Palestine, i loved it. It is simple and complex and costs nothing, i saw similar things when i was in India, kids inventing entertainment out of nothing but what surrounds them, way better than video games…Just try the first phase if it seems too complicated, that is hard enough!

Palestinian resident Inass Yassin has given us all a new obsession, the game of 5 stones (warning, it is addictive…) here are her rules and also a short film she has made to explain how to play:

5 stones:
“A traditional game we played as children in Palestine in the 70s-80s.

In 1987, the first Palestinian Intifada started as the stones revolution.
Since then, I’m not sure how many children are still playing the game, but the stone has become a national symbol.
Follow these rules to win 1 point:
•    you throw the 5 stones on the ground for the first round and try to pick each one up individually while you are throwing another stone in the air. You are not allowed to touch other stones while playing apart from the one you pick up.
•    second round, you throw the 5 stones trying to keep them in pairs so you can pick up each pair together. Again you are not allowed to touch the other pair, if you do, you lose!
•    third round, you have to pick up 3 stones in one go and the single one in another
•    in the fourth, you have to pick the 4 stones together.
•    THEN…
•    Back hand: throw the 5 stones in the air and try to catch them on the back of your hand,  you have to catch at least 2 otherwise you lose. The other player nominates one stone to be “his mother” which means a stone that you should protect and never let fall. But you have to let the other stones fall, and you have to catch the mother with you fingers, and then tap it on the ground and throw it in the air and catch it again, if you do it, you pass the hand back to shoot.
•    Cave shoot: you have to shape your hand like an arch as shown in video,- difficult to explain- and you throw the stones as it is shown in the video, the other player should choose the “mother” stone, you are not allowed to move the mother till  last, you have to bring the other stones into the cave in 3 moves maximum. then you have to bring the mother into the cave by one move.
•    if you do all steps successfully you get one point.”

watch the video and all will become clear…sort of… and like i said…it is addictive…

the first day…

Day one, everyone arriving, normally to brilliant sunshine, but this time to prolonged incessant rain, which has its own poetry in this 19th Century landscape, but is maybe not the best way to experience Biella for the first time…

The river Cervo thunders past our office as we too are in a converted woolmill once powered by those waters…when it gets really torrential, you can hear and feel the vibrations of giant boulders being moved about in the current.

that’s us there in white, UNIDEE has the whole second floor…

We decided to leave tables in a big pile and the residents can place them where they like, in past years they have been in rows, lets see what this lot do with them…