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the benefits of a UPS…



This past week saw the inauguration of the new computer lab and UPS at B-Hill school. It’s really difficult to maintain technical equipment here mainly due to the fact that the electricity supply is extremely erratic and massive surges can completely burn out any computer system rendering it useless. Power cuts mean that classes come to a halt frequently and really it’s no fun for anyone involved…


Luckily, this newly installed UPS (above) absorbs these surges and protects all the technical equipment while the giant batteries mean that the computer lab can continue on even during power cuts.

IMG_3247 IMG_3292

Yep that’s me cutting a ribbon…i know…but after “the dancing in the sari incident” really, i am prepared for any occasion.


But this really is a huge deal for all the children and anyone working in the labs, no more disrupted lessons and some very decent new PCs have been donated and for those interested, i can now teach with Photoshop CS6 as opposed to the ancient Photoshop 7 we were using on the old PCs.