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gangireddu in vijayawada..

P1080943These are Itinerant musicians known as “gangireddu” round here…its a tough life, they elaborately adorn an ox and travel from place to place playing music for a few rupees or some rice. Incidentally i know these shots are a little over exposed but in real life they were even more vibrant. Beautiful.


I see them this time in Vijayawada and give them 10 rupees for a photo…would love to take many more shots but as soon as am seen handing over cash other people want some too and i have to move on…


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On a photography field trip with the kids in Buddavaram i ran into this itinerant musician and his decorated ox (in telegu – Gangireddu). He plays a tune for a handful of rice or 10 rupees. Am mesmerised and a little horrified by the animal.

To hear the music watch the film below: that’s Daniel, one of my students explaining things to me, and the “mummy, mummy” voice is a village kid, they call all female foreigners and any authority figures “mummy”.  Am well used to it by now…