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I don’t draw nearly enough these days, but here and especially in Butterfly Hill i generally manage to do something…here are some of my sketches from this year, Nov/Dec 2011…often done with a large audience of assorted orphanage kids who lean into you, grab your arms, grab your pens, grab your book…i got quite used to it after a while…

mango tree – drawn while sitting in the shade of the dispensary veranda in Butterfly Hill

banana tree – drawn during lunch time, covered in a shawl to stop the fierce sun from burning me

neem tree plus leaf drawn from the veranda of one of the houses on Butterfly Hill campus

palm trees – drawn in the evening at Butterfly Hill waiting for the milk van to give me a bumpy lift back to Daddy’s Home

papaya tree – drawn during lunch time in the cultivated fields round Butterfly Hill, i drew while the field workers took a lunch time snooze